Storm Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO air movers and a dehumidifier operating in a room with flood cuts and removed flooring

Technicians Dry Amsterdam Home Flood Damage

In this photo, SERVPRO storm damage technicians deployed air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the remaining moisture along exposed walls. Drywall, insulation, and some flooring were removed to preserve the structure where water had penetrated the home.

polyethylene sheeting on the ceiling, exposed wall studs and framing

Stillwater Storm Water Damage

When a driving rainstorm breaches the roof of a house in Stillwater, the water damage can be very costly and extensive. SERVPRO minimizes the demolition and cleanup stages of a storm. The poly sheeting is keeping the area cleaner while also enhancing the speed of drying.

 basement, with a wet floor and a brick fireplace

Floodwaters in a Clifton Park Basement

The groundwater in this Clifton Park unfinished basement has a contaminated concrete pad and some contents. SERVPRO can apply a disinfectant to eliminate the potential pathogenic risk and then dry out the area to preserve the structure from further damage.

muddy stormwater on concrete pad, wet and soaked items, with a brick chimney and white water tank in the foreground

Mold and Storm Damage in an Albany Basement

The groundwater flooded this Albany basement with contaminated liquid as shown in the Photo. The contents are soaked (boxes in the foreground) and the water heater and other items in danger of on-going storm damage. Our SERVPRO crew, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, arrived within hours to extract the water and mitigate the damages. Our customer was ecstatic with our response and professional results to salvage their basement from expensive build back. We can help, just call us!

Wood flooring in room with water damage

Tree Limb Causes Storm Damage to Lake George Home

This Lake George room received storm damage when a tree limb hit the roof and allowed a large amount of water into the home.The flooring absorbed the water and the boards cupped and warped. Through specialized drying methods, SERVPRO can restore hardwood flooring on a case by case basis.

tiled floor, clean, exposed studs after demolition on the walls

Wilton Storm Restoration Result

The "flood cuts" removed the contaminated, non-salvageable drywall from this house in Wilton. The furnishings are back in the previously flooded rooms after total drying and disinfecting have concluded. Minimizing the deconstruction by our SERVPRO crew helps keep down the costs for our customers.

equipment positioned in a rectangular basement drying it out

Halfmoon Storm Drying Basement

After water extraction, the SERVPRO advanced equipment, including axial fans, and LGR dehumidifiers are completing the flood damage cleanup process in this Halfmoon basement. Mold growth is always a threat after a dousing of contaminated water; we minimize that fungal spores can germinate and create secondary damages.