Water Damage Photo Gallery

A basement gilled with standing water with partially submerged contents

SERVPRO Mitigates Standing Water Damage in Mechanicville

In this photo, a Mechanicville home needed thorough emergency water cleanup from SERVPRO professionals. Techs can treat standing water with truck-mounted extractors, EPA-registered biocide sprays, and submersible gas-powered sump pumps to prepare the property for drying.

Exposed lower wall framing on interior walls on a tile floor. One tiled stair with some of the framing exposed has two tiles

Drying Queensbury Home Drywall After Water Damage

The walls in this photo required water remediation to preserve the wall's structural integrity and flooring. Queensbury SERVPRO technicians cut out the lower sheetrock and took two tiles off of a stair to clean and dry the area.

Two air movers near a dehumidifier in a hall with removed baseboards and lower drywall

Rexford Water Damage Drying with SERVPRO Tools

This photo of a water-damaged Rexford property indicates enough damage to warrant partial drywall demolition, including floor removal. SERVPRO extraction and drying tools, like the air moves and dehumidifier shown, can restore humidity levels before rebuilding occurs.

carpeted floor in an office covered with clean water

Clinton Park Water Loss

The leak in this Clinton Park office was soaking the carpet, furnishings, and the cubicles. Fast removal by SERVPRO could mitigate the water damage and save our client money on replacements and also lost productivity. Count on us, 24/7.

Support beam with condensation droplets

St. Johnsonville Broken Pipe in Home Leaves Behind Condensation and Water Damage

A friend watching a home for a St. Johnsonville customer opened the door to check on the home and found a broken pipe and significant condensation collection on the support beam in this home. SERVPRO techs can turn round the water damage rapidly with their extraction and drying equipment.

Kitchen with removed floorboards

Fridge Causes Water Damage in Long Lake Home

When a supply line to a refrigerator in Long Lake left water damage on this hardwood floor, SERVPRO techs arrived quickly and removed the hardwood boards as they had absorbed enough moisture that they buckled and warped but had restoration potential through specialized drying methods. 

SERVPRO equipment drying wet basement floor

Clinton Water Damage in Basement

Water damage from a broken supply line left this Clinton basement in need of fast cleanup. After extracting the water and removing the damaged wall and wet insulation, SERVPRO technicians set up an air mover and dehumidifier to quickly dry the cement floor.

What does an Injectidry floor drying system do?

An Injectidry floor drying system is a piece of equipment used by professionals to extract and remove moisture from hardwoods.  This piece of equipment can save replacing an entire floor.  Dry versus replace.

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